About Us

86 and 90 is the brain child of two former Houston fashion design classmates, Felton Hunt and Jessica Obaseki. The pair first met back in 2012 in the hallways of Houston Community Colleges Fashion Design Program, but it wasn’t until years later the two reconnected with the dreams of launching their very own brand. After much discussion about brand identity, silhouettes, colors, and the desired clientele -the two designers created 86 & 90. 86 & 90, the years both of the designers were born, is a locally produced, Eco- friendly, small batch contemporary brand. The brands focus is on merging multi-fashion aesthetics with functionality all while showcasing Eco and environmentally friendly practices.

Jessica- The “90” is the fun and whimsical side to the brand. She’s all about femininity, color, allure and desirability. She says “Although I’ve been in the U.S most of my life, I take my world travels and Colombian roots with me everywhere, so that reflects in my aesthetic and in the details of the garments I design.”

Felton- The “86” is the more edgy, chill part of the brand. On his aesthetic Felton says “I’d like to think of it as quiet noise, I love a classic with a twist or just a little something to elevate an essential wardrobe staple.